Wine and books

Some time ago, José Vicente Guillem, a well-known oenologist from Valencia asked us to design his first book. After an entire life working for the Public Administration managing the agri-food affairs, now he wanted to bring out his first book talking about wines and how the people who doesn’t know about it can start appreciating the awesome world of wine. 

And that’s it. We started reading all the stuff José Vicente had written years ago. Our first steps were to edit all that stuff, taking into account he is not a writter but an expert in wine and terroirs. Two or three meetings after the starting point, we already had a pretty well agreed first draft of the book.
Once we printed the first mockup, we had to meet the people who was going to pay for all the party. The winecellar. Bodegas Vicente Gandia. A great reference in the world of the Spanish wine. And actually they found the project really interesting. They would bear the costs taking the most of their 130th Anniversary and we would have our first book completely edited and produced.
In the end, it was like a glass of good wine. Tasty, complex in nose, good pairing with all the food you like and, for sure, great to repeat.

Pics and words by Pino

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