Tails is a company based in London and dedicated to make an easier life for dogs. Let’s say they are “dog friendly”. Because not every dog can eat whatever he or she wants; or maybe they don’t like whatever you want to give them. Maybe they need some kind of special food, made in a unique way for them. And this is what Tails does. Custom food for your pet friend. 

Of course, not everyone is used to this. I mean, even the people who care for dogs don’t use this kind of foods. At most, you will ask the dogtor which is the best food for your friend, but hardly you will ask for “that custom food you have heard on internet…”. So we had two primary requirements: firstable, giving Tails the trusted image they need to reach the people who think dogs are better than humans; secondly, explain the people how they ask for the product as this is dog food and, well, maybe they think dog food is only available in places where dog food is sold. 

So, the marketing people in Tails needed an app they would use like a tester to verify their way to sell the custom food was properly. And, by the way, see if they were adverting correctly with their former images or if they needed illustrations as we suggested. Obviously, our thoughts were clear… :)

Pics and words by Pino

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