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A white vermouth is a white vermouth. Here and in the Strait of Messina. 

We wanted to rewrite the history. A new story showing where the name of Nerea comes from. Because Nerea is the old aunt of our beloved friend Luca, a winemaker in process-to-be. And he wanted to show his respect to her. And besides that, Nerea is who had the original recipe. And this is all true, as the Nereidas saved Jason and his Argonauts from Escilas and Caribdis. Kind of.

It would be great if each one of us had something so enigmatic and precious as a wine to name after his/her mother’s/father’s name. In this case, it was a beautiful name to frame with a stuning bold typeface in a vermouth bottle, together with a nice and chic story about its origins, sailors and a mystic touch.

Illustrations by Míriam Ortega and copy by Quique López.

The fonts are Clearface Pro by ITC Fontshop and Hatton by PangramPangram.

Words and picts by Pino

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