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17 years after the first contact with our beloved client Cauchos Karey, we got the right conclusion: EVA will be eaten or won’t be. When we first set the statement of Cauchos Karey, “is everywhere”, we were just thinking about how would be the EVA burger. Now we don’t have a burger but we can lay down in a perfect balanced yoga mat or we can train in a ultra-featuring crossfit floor. Thanks to Equilibrium DFS.

Then we started to think about where we can find EVA components and how this is designing new enviroments. And yes, we came with a lot of answers: animal flooring, traffic industry, merchandising… And sports. Apart from soccer-football gloves protections and components for the snowboard boots, there were a huge market in soft floorings. Especially in recovery and therapy sports and workouts like Pilates or Yoga and, on the opposite, sports that need a strong-but-flexible floors to support strong impacts and heavy weight lifting: Crossfit.

A completely new individual brand, depending on the primary brand but as individual, having nothing in common in terms of brand equity. A brand new name and a brand new strategy to find our new clients. Having into account that we were a B2B company, start working with a C2C paradigm was a new way to find happiness in this project.

Clear and positive messages, direct voice and tone, colorful style and impact images to complement what we wanted to say: “We are a great company offering great products to great people” — In a way no one has done before. Yes, maybe it looks like a little bit pretentious; but if you take a walk into 10-15 years old gym’s you will see what we mean: not so good floors, no matters how hurtfull can be for your workout.

Naming, strategy, brand architecture development, art direction, graphic design and product advice was our help and work for this project. Furthermore, a lot of talks, high spirits and patiente. Now we got Equilibrium Dinamic Flooring Systems. And now we are a little bit happier than before :)

Of course, at the moment of releasing the yoga sub-mark (Balance Training) we realized we had to sell the product via online. This was something not expected at first; after some tests and surveys the client decided to move forward with it. An online shop where to find the yoga-balance training products that, obviously, should have an individual tone-voice separated from the rest of the products (dedicated to more aggressive and dinamic sports).

Social media, professional trade shows like Fibo in Cologne, Elevate London, Wunderlust Madrid, Mind and Fit Barcelona, and the organization of their own event in Alicante, SienteYoga.

Let’s Train!

Words by Pino.
Picts by Pino, Jordi and Rubén.
Filming by Álex.

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