Casa Alarcón Wine Cellar

Just imagine. You have money, you got it. You love wine and you have a dream: let everyone know about your will and make it a way of life. That’s Casa Alarcón. An architect dream that came true in the middle of Sierra del Cuchillo, an almost desert you can find between provinces of Alicante and Albacete. No matter the year you say this: “Everybody wants to own one: a cellar, a wine or both”.

It was 2012 and Swiss Typefaces had just released their new Suisse’Intl, a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface based on both Universe and Helvetica to extract the maximum of the Swiss culture and character. 4 years before, logotipe of the cellar was designed using Linotype Helvetica Neue. Then, we decided to redesign it. Time after time, it worthed it.

It was not only wine. Cheese, olive oil, rural tourism and the organization of several meetings around the winery and its culture. When passing the years you realize they were authentic pionners on that. Not too much people was doing the same on that time and this is something we were pretty proud of. Be part of that project.

Pics and words by Pino

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