We are a full-service design practice based in Barcelona and specialized in strategy, brand identity & development, communication, art direction, creativity and graphic design in both on/off media.
     Our way of working is clearly based on a strategic collaboration with the client. From their feedback, information and ideas, we develope a clear and consistent creative statement to target the right audience through innovative and attractive design proposals.

Anna Paredes. 26. Graphic Designer, she never thought about being designer before start studies at CIC Graphic Design Vocational Training Degree. After that, she wanted to be a Master of the Universe… Sorry, Master in Editorial Graphic Design. Made it at Elisava and for whose final assignment she achieved a Students Gold Laus in 2019. Not bad. She loves unicorns and guys who play music. She has been part of Pino Team since July 2017. You can follow her in Instagram and mail her at the studio.

     From 2000 until now, we had the pleasure of collaborating with clients coming from different industries: from footwear to hospitality or public administration and construction. Well as part of interdisciplinary teams or as external consultants of advertising agencies, we´ve been developing our job with clients such as Cauchos Karey, Amnesty International Valencia, Albert & Ferran Adrià, Burger King United Kingdom, Esade Business School, International Cooking Concepts, Valencia and Barcelona City Councils, Dolce and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, amongst others.

Banui Barragán. 28, eternally. From Mexico Lindo. Former Elisava student. She is the older member of Pino. Since July 2014 doing nice stuff for our clients, always pleased to help. She has Instagram, Facebook and whatever is ok to share her smile. Say “hi” to her!

     Today, we focus on keeping our collaborative approach with clients, without forgetting that their needs could be under an adaptation period to new challenges, not only at technical level but also economically. Therefore, we have established an international network which includes experienced professional freelancers, with a multidisciplinary background and based in some key areas of influence in Europe: London (United Kingdom), Amsterdam (Nederlands), Madrid (Spain).

Míriam Ortega. Mother of a dragon and designer full-time. She loves to illustrate, the ensaladilla rusa from Bar Guillermo and getting late to every place. Just like me. You can stalk her illustration stuff at her Instagram and write her some lines.

Rubén Planas. He is not with us anymore, but his memory still shines in our studio. You can try to reach him in the after-pino-life. We will try to deliver him the message and, maybe, he will come back to you. I know he will try harder from the beyond.

     We combine our professional projects with teaching as lecturers in the Elisava University Graphic Design BA and the Elisava Vocational Training Superior Grade, where we do several subjects throughout the academic year.
     From 2015 we have been leading the Master in Editorial Design and Digital Publishing and the Master in Graphic Design Basis in the online University ESDESIGN by Editorial Planeta.
      Long time ago, in 2012, we started to co-direct together with Olga Llopis from Comuniza the Direction of the Master in Digital and Web Design in Barcelona Design School IDEP. Now it’s gone, but it was a nice time.

Miqui Mochales. Our junior. The silent guy. A great “in the making” digital designer that is totally freaked out with the water fountains wherever he goes. Apart from that, he loves to go with his in-laws hung over. He is twenty something, he can do it. Mail, mail, mail.

Quique López. Founder and Creative Director of Pino. I’m also a dad of one and do teaching in several Barcelona Schools. Sometimes I try to design. And buy some coffee for the team. Let me know about you.

     We are behind La Risoneta, a collaborative project including several graphic designers based in Barcelona and pretty jaded of a too-much-fast-world we have to live in. An educational project to make in vogue printing processes that have been actually displaced for the digital hype of the modern world.

Our headquarters
Passatge Mas de Roda, 16, L1
08005 Barcelona, Spain


We are based in Poblenou, the f***ing New Brooklyn. You can bring some cookies if you pass by :)

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